was formed in 2000 in response to the increasing demand for Internet based personals. The Internet lends itself well to this service due to it’s wide availability and the degree of privacy for its users.

But why

CityDating has been created especially to provide a fun and secure dating community for quality singles in and around London, who would like to make new friends, form
a relationship and find the true love. CityDating aims to meet the need for a dating service of the highest standard in members and content. The site provides a fresh and engaging design and easy functionality for our users and we are committed to offering the best possible customer service.

Because it’s for people just like you, single busy individual.

“The funny thing about becoming a top professional in London is that everything else in your personal life is often put on the back burner so that professional success becomes the top priority. That’s fine for some people and it is a conscious decision that they make for themselves.

But who says that it has to be that way? Why can’t you have your cake and eat it?

That's the question that we have asked ourselves. We were busy professionals working with top firms. ”We worked very long hours in the City and many of our colleagues did the same,” they say. ”Although we liked to party, many of us found it hard to even meet people with the same interests.”

Recognising this essential need in our life and the lives of fellow Londoners, we took a risk and launched our solution -

That risk has proved to be well worth it. CityDating has grown quickly and created a new and easy way for single high-fliers to meet others who are just the same. Even more for you, CityDating provides a psychometric online matching system which, if filled accurately greatly improves your chances of compatibility”.

We hope that you will have lots of fun and enjoy this site as much as we do. Should you have any additional questions or comments please feel free to contact us at