Welcome to CityDating.com, we hope that you enjoy using the site and that you come back regularly for updates. Below is a guide to help you use the system more effectively.

Member Search - There are several criteria upon which you can search. These include the advertiser's age, sex, location and whether the profile includes a photo. If you wish to see only profiles with pictures then tick the 'Profiles with pics only' box. You can quickly move through the regions box by pressing the '-' (dash) on your keyboard.

If you wish to find an individual member, you may type their username directly into the 'Username' text box and click search.

Register FREE - The registration is FREE and gives you a Standard Membership. You need to register a username and fill up your profile. A username is a unique name by which you would like to be known at CityDating. It will act as your login as well as the name that is displayed to other members. Your screen name must be at least 6 - max 14 characters and may include numbers. It is also important that you have a distinctive personal information & message along with a quality photo of yourself. Remember, you can edit it at any time through the 'Amend Profile' option. Tip: Enter your e-mail address carefully as your password and a confirmation link will be automatically sent to this address. If you make a mistake, you will not receive your password.

Click the Confirmation Link sent to your email address, to activate your account. If you happen not to receive the link (as maybe your mailbox provider is blocking it) please write to us at CityDating@citydating.com and also try to log in anyway as most probably we have confirmed the link manually.

Premium Membership - CityDating.com Premium Membership purchase will give you access to all website features, such as sending and receiving messages from the other members, using the online communicator IM (iMessenger); and most importantly your ad will be always the most visible to others.
There are several membership length types, which you can stop yourself at any time!:

1 Month - £25
3 Months - £55
6 Months - £75

Being a featured member means your advert will be placed right on the top of the search, so that your chances of been seen by your perfect match will increase a lot & be so many times greater!

Login - As a member, you login either at the entry screen on your left hand side or on the top of the page, right hand side. If you forget your username or password, you can have it resent by clicking on the 'Lost Password' link under the login box. Enter the e-mail address you registered and we will send you the details as requested.

Add Profile - Profiles are FREE to place and are much more than simple registration. If you place
a good interesting profile with a nice picture, you will be 95 times more likely to receive a correspondence than if you respond to someone else's add. You can change your profile through the 'Amend Profile' option. Tip: Pictures uploaded for your profile need to be in JPG format. Please try to keep the picture size below 50kB. Bigger pictures you may have trouble uploading (depending on your internet connection). Use image editors such as Paint Shop Pro & GIMP to reduce the size
of your image by cutting out unnecessary 'white space' and compressing the image. Read our detail instruction if required.

Account Settings - This section allows you to change your registration details (if for example you wish to change your e-mail address), add more pictures, check your payments report, edit your profile or delete it. You can also opt-out from receiving match e-mails or newsletters from us telling you of the updates.

Instant Messenger - The Instant messenger gives you a private chat facility for other members that are logged in to the Instant Messenger. When opened, it will display a list of members online. Select the member you wish to message by clicking their username. This action will display a message box for you to enter a message. Click an emoticon to enter it at any point in your message and press send to message the user. Although you can communicate with several people simultaneously, only the member you are messaging will see your message.

If you feel that something needs to be added to this help page let us know - CityDating@citydating.com.