Is He Good "Boyfriend" Material...Or Will He Hurt You?

Hey - have you consistently ended up
with men who didn't see or bring out the best in

Then take a deep breath - because you deserve a
man who sees you and can love and nurture you the
way you would him.

But what if you've found yourself with a series of
men who have been in some way negative, abusive,
critical or controlling, or in some way seriously
LACKING the kind of "relationship skills" that are
necessary for a fulfilling relationship?

If so, it's possible that your own past, your
thoughts and feelings are actually ATTRACTING the
wrong men, and that you end up becoming ATTACHED
and staying in these kinds of relationships for
all the wrong reasons.

Your first step, if you're truly ready to put an
end to this cycle, is this:

Starting saying "No!" and radically reject these
kinds of hurtful behaviors from any man.

Yes - there are creeps out there.

It's your job, and yours only, to say "No!" and
remove any man from your life who isn't showing
you he's worthy of your love and attention.

But when you keep going on with hurtful
relationships... and you go through one disastrous
relationship after another... the worst starts to
happen for you.

It starts to try and turn you into someone who
acts fearful, protective and defensive around any
man you meet.

Things will only get worse for you if you let the
bad relationships from your past get into the
drivers seat when you finally meet a guy you could
have a healthy relationship with.