Flirting style determines relationship

Jeffrey Hall, of the University of Kansas, found there were five different types of flirting – traditional, physical, sincere, playful and polite.

Researchers found those who use playful and physical styles of flirtation are likely to attract shorter, less serious relationships, whereas polite and sincere flirting could attract a longer term partner.

The findings come from a study of more than 5,100 people looking at the way they communicate their romantic interest.

While everybody exhibited aspects of each style, for most people one dominated over the other and this could have an effect on the type of person and relationship you attract.

Dr Hall said that if you were unhappy with the type of person you were attracting then it might mean you should modify your flirting technique for more success.

"Flirting does tend to reflect personality and we are not saying you can change your style completely but some modification may help you find the right person for a relationship," he said.

"In some ways, the very early part of developing relationships is important to the success of long-term relationships, including marriages."