Dating in London. Have Him Beg You For A Commitment

Even A Confirmed Bachelor Can Be Turned Around So That He Actually CRAVES Commitment
The truth is that men can come up with tons of reasons to NOT commit to a woman exclusively, and to not want to "settle down".
The Truth About Men And Commitment

To SOME degree, most men are "hardwired" to feel like commitment isn't in their best interest, and they act accordingly most of the time.

Don't Keep Yourself From The Commitment You Deserve
Don't wait for a man to figure things out and lead your relationship forward on his own.

And don't make the mistake of trying to do all the "heavy lifting" yourself to make things come together and work in your relationship.

If you leave things up to a man and his internal "wiring" that keeps him wanting to stay "casual" and keep his freedom... then things aren't going to move forward for you and grow more committed on any level any time soon.