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Press Release

Making sure that someone is extra special
A City solution to a City problem

Nothing is easy in London, but for most people, being wealthy and successful seems to be the answer to most questions. But in the game of love, this brings its own challenges, especially when looking for a long term mate.

"It's a fact of life, that successful people have worked hard to reach their positions" says Jolanta Skevington, founder of the high-end dating site, "and in doing so, they don't have the time to meet the special someone that gives meaning to all their success."

It's something Skevington saw first hand while working with City giant JP Morgan - high fliers with no co-pilots. “I worked very long hours in the City and many of my colleagues did the same, although we liked to party, many of us found it hard to find a partner."

Leaving her company to set up Skevington has put her matchmaking skills to the test, and numbers are steadily rising. "Our members are fun, busy, stylish, interesting, and high-achievers. Once we introduce them we have a great success rate. In their careers they want to have it all, and there's no reason that they can't have it in their personal life too."

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The Success Story

Chris, a City Trader and Anna, a model who was finding it hard to meet Mr Right despite her good looks.

“I first met Chris at a summer ball” says Anna. “We had a chat and a drink together and the more we chatted the more I liked him.” Unfortunately at the end of the evening the two did not exchange numbers so Anna went home disappointed.

However, things didn’t end there. "One day my cousin mentioned I hesitated but I let her register me thinking I would not bother to check for any responses. Human nature being what it is, a few days later I was curious to know if I had any messages and was surprised to see there were quite a few messages, but one in particular intrigued me. After swapping a few emails and phone calls with this blind date, it turned out to be Chris - the same gorgeous guy I had met at the ball. We could not believe the coincidence but we have now been together for nearly one year and every day feels like fate! I thought things like this only happened in fairy-tales.”