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Thank you for showing interest in our affiliate program. Below you will find the information about our affiliate scheme and how it works. If you have any further questions, please mail us at

How does the scheme work?

Once your application is accepted, you will be sent a confirmation e-mail. This mail will include the URL to the affiliate center plus your unique tracking number and login/password. You can retrieve the code for banners or text links from the affiliate center. Place this code into a web page on your own site and a banner will be displayed on the page instantly. This banner includes a unique tracking number (your affiliate number) that is sent to our site if a user clicks on the banner.

When users register on our site, your affiliate number will be associated with the registration in our database. Therefore there is a permanent record of who referred the user.

How do I make money?

Every free member you send to our site and that subsequently goes on to become a paid subscriber will earn you cash. Unlike many affiliate schemes there is no time limit in which the user can subscribe and still earn you cash!! And not only that but every time that user renews you will continue to earn MORE!

How much money can I make?

Well that is really up to you. Where you place the banner or the link will designate the number of users sent to our site and of course the more users you send the more subscribers there are likely to be. Our rates are as follows:

Initial Referral (i.e. the first time the user subscribes to paid membership):

Subscription Price Commission You earn
One Month Ł25.00 25% Ł6.25
Three Months Ł55.00 25% Ł13.75
Six Months Ł75.00 25% Ł18.75

Subsequent Referral (i.e. every subscription paid by the same user after the first):

Subscription Price Commission You earn
One Month Ł25.00 10% Ł2.50
Three Months Ł55.00 10% Ł5.50
Six Months Ł75.00 10% Ł7.50

Note: Commissions are subject to price variations on the site (special promotions etc.). Therefore
if the price is reduced or increased for any reason, then the commission will also reflect that change.

How and when do I receive the commission?

Commission will be paid monthly and you will receive all commission on payments that have been cleared at least 8 weeks prior. We only pay after at least 8 weeks due to a risk of charge-backs should the customer's card have been stolen or misused in some way.

You will receive your commission through the post by cheque in Ł's (GBP) payable at the rate of exchange applicable at the time of the transaction. Affiliates will hold the responsibility for charges relating to currency conversion that their bank may charge. Affiliates that show a high referral rate and earn more than Ł500 per quarter may negotiate to be paid by bank transfer in US Dollars.

Note: There is a Ł30 minimum required to be accrued before payment can be made. If the account does not accrue this minimum during the month, the payment will be held over until the following month and so on until the condition is satisfied.

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