has been successfully matching professional international singles for over eight years. Our careful selection procedures have helped ignite many successful relationships, some of which have developed into serious romance and marriage. The couples below have shared their stories with us…

Anetta's story

Kevin and I met in the early, pre-launch stages of the site, just as the web started. Five years ago searching the internet for a partner still held a stigma. Today it's very different, it's seen as just another way of meeting people. Back then we did not even post our photos online in order to remain anonymous. And, although Kevin and I didn't see each other until our very first date, the spark was there instantly. As soon, as we met and started talking, we knew we were made for each other. This surely was love "at the first site!" Very rare and very, very special. We were engaged for 3 years and got married this Christmas.

Anna's story

I first met Chris at a Polish summer ball says Anna. We had a chat and a drink together and the more we chatted the more I liked him. Unfortunately at the end of the evening Chris did not ask for my phone number, so I went home disappointed.

However, things didn't end there. One day my cousin mentioned I hesitated but I let her register me thinking, I would not bother to check for any responses. Human nature being what it is, a few days later, I was curious to know if I had any messages and was surprised to see there were quite a few messages but one in particular intrigued me. After swapping a few emails and phone calls with this blind date, it turned out to be Chris - the same gorgeous guy I had met at the ball. We could not believe the coincidence but we have now been together for over 2 years and every day feels like fate! I thought things like this only happened in fairy-tales.

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